DOAAR is a small business bookkeeping, tax and consulting services firm with an additional focus on its client's personal finances.

On the business side, DOAAR performs: Transactional Accounting, Controllership Services, and Outsourced CFO services. Our offering spans simple bookkeeping functions, tax preparation, complex financial modeling, employee benefits, and corporate retirement planning.

On the personal side, DOAAR, in a fiduciary capacity, offers: Financial Planning, Investment Advisory and Protection Recommendations. All of which start with an intimate understanding of our client's specific situation and desired financial outcomes.

DOAAR is one of the few independent firms positioned to effectively deliver an entire suite of accounting and financial services; its team spans 4 time zones with clients in 15 states and 4 countries.

A decade plus of accounting and financial services can be a dry topic. Although, if you’d like to learn more, this is our story…

“Accounting is the ultimate backstage pass to small business. I am constantly impressed by the ingenuity and focus of our clients... humbled, and lucky, to be a part of it all”

 -Daniel Woods, CPWA®  

DOAAR started as a small business bookkeeping firm in 2004. We originally handled the accounting functions for a Private Equity firm based in Laguna Beach, California. It was our job to handle the transactional accounting (bookkeeping) for several businesses the firm had invested in, including: oil & gas exploration and development throughout Texas and Louisiana, energy drink manufacturing and distribution throughout the United States, and soft serve yogurt shops throughout central California. It wasn’t long before we started accounting for other businesses, outside our Private Equity engagement, when a good friend asked for help starting a new clothing company.

Fast Forward a decade plus, DOAAR has brought on a new partner and eight additional team members (spanning the united states). We are in 4 different time zones, and have served nearly 400 business and their owners/executives in 15 states and 4 countries. Our clients have included just about every sector you can imagine. Here are some that immediately come to mind (skip to the next paragraph, if you don't want to read them all): health & nutrition supplements, legal firms, insurance firms, financial services firms, celebrities, athletes, high net worth individuals, real estate agents & developers, taco shops, dog food & treat manufactures, electrical companies, plumbing companies, importers/exporters, private investigators, product brokers & manufacturers, biological mitigation, non-profits, construction, hospitality, creative & design, automobile rental & sales, clothing companies, dental services/offices & dental design & manufacturing, car washes, laundromats, fast food, casual & fine dining restaurants, medical offices & medical mfg./patents, day cares, service brokers & providers, online sales, brick & mortar retail, warehouse distributors, private label/B2B, fitness services & fitness products, janitorial products & services, surfboard design & manufacturing, and gourmet food products.

Over the last decade, due to client demand, in addition to simple bookkeeping, we moved into performing: controllership services, tax preparation and tax planning, business management & consulting, and outsourced CFO services. Our newest chapter began in 2012 when a client said:  

“I’m finally comfortable with where my business is and where it is going. Can you help me with my household finances too?”

The request’s scope quickly encompassed a much larger issue. To date, we had helped our clients understand their business, reactively – creating and reviewing historical data. Our client needed a much more proactive approach to their household finances. This client was not looking for just a simple budget. The real request for help had to do with planning, investments, and protection decisions. Forward facing. More so, what those decisions meant long-term.

Day-to-day operations were taken over by our managing partner and team leaders while Daniel, Founding Partner, launched an aggressive 3-year education plan to better understand and answer our clients’ questions. It started with additional schooling to eventually obtain a CPA, to match our managing partner's, and a CFA to accurately value assets. However, the first steps completed were the obtainment of the: Series 65 - Uniform Investment Adviser Law (to provide fiduciary investment advice), Life Health & Accident Insurance License (to provide protection recommendations), and the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) program (to provide wealth planning to our clients).

What is the CPWA®?

The CPWA® is an advanced curriculum with a specific focus on the life cycle of private wealth: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. It provides individual clients with clear and effective advice concerning: behavioral finance, charitable & estate planning, planning for business owners and executives, tax planning, portfolio management, retirement & legacy planning, and risk management. It allows us to further identify and analyze the challenges our clients face, and to develop customized strategies to: minimize taxes, monetize & protect assets, maximize growth, and eventually transfer wealth. 

Lastly, without boring you and further, and to wrap things up, thank you for visiting DOAAR. We are a small and responsive team of certified professionals here to serve you and your concerns. We love what we do, and will continue to educate ourselves to build the services you require of us. Thank you for entrusting us with your accounting and financial needs. It's not a responsibility we take lightly. We understand there is no better recommendation than one that comes from a satisfied client with a positive experience. We pride ourselves on having a robust, competitively priced, efficient, and responsive service. We enjoy hearing from you, whether you are inquiring as to how we can help or about something we'd better fix. We are working hard to make our services better for you - your friends, families and colleagues can expect the same.

We appreciate your business and look forward to a long and successful relationship.