Safeguarding Your California Business: How Tax Resolution Services Can Bring Financial Stability and Compliance

Getting a registered letter from federal, state, or local tax authorities can bring some anxiety. More often than not, it’s a routine communication, but when it’s not – when it contains news of an audit, a back tax bill, levies, or collection appeals – it’s urgent that you seek professional tax resolution guidance. In California, DOAAR has long experience with tax resolution and is ready to help you protect your business by regaining compliance and avoiding future problems. Some of the services we offer include:

Help with audits. If you’ve received a letter that you’re being audited by the IRS, then our team will confidently work with IRS auditors on your behalf to resolve the audit as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Assistance in the case of tax levies. DOAAR’s tax resolution professionals will help you remove liens placed against your assets by the IRS for the money you owe. We’ll also help you tackle levies that threaten to seize your wages and interrupt the operations of your business. 

Collection appeals. We offer professional help with tax appeals. We will help you get to the bottom of any disagreements you have with the IRS so you can be certain that any payment demands are for funds that you truly owe. 

Help with back taxes. If you owe back taxes, we can help guide your negotiation efforts with the IRS and file all older returns immediately.

Preventing fallout from delinquent returns. Delinquent returns can be costly as what you owe may spiral and become unaffordable, potentially sinking your business. With the right tax resolution services, you can avoid getting any monthly penalties added to what you already owe. If you’ve failed to file taxes in the past, we can help you get those returns completed.

Assistance with payroll tax. Determining payroll tax so you can remain tax-compliant is not a job you want to try a do-it-yourself approach with. In California, DOAAR will help you get accurate, reliable, and on-time filing help for all of your payroll tax needs. Essentially, we help manage your back office so you can avoid falling into tax non-compliance in the first place. 

Consult a Professional for Tax Resolution Services Provider in California

Whether you owe the IRS, are being audited, or just have questions, the team of tax resolution and compliance experts at DOAAR is there to help you every step of the way.  It is our goal to help minimize your tax debt and any negative impact it might have on your business operations and your employees. Our industry-specific knowledge of all tax laws and current regulations helps ensure you’re making the right choices and remaining in good standing with the IRS as well as your state and locality.  

When you choose DOAAR, our team is committed to you and your business to ensure that errors and problems are fixed properly and in a timely manner so your problems don’t escalate.