Tax Planning

Our Tax Plans Are Designed To Give You The Highest Return

If you’re looking for tax planners who truly have your best interests at heart, then you’ve come to the right place.

We devise tax plans that are designed to maximize your returns. How? We take the time to understand your business’ cash flow on a deep level. Armed with this in-depth knowledge of your books, we’ll be able to get you more money back while ensuring that you pay less in the future.

When you choose DOAAR, you get professional tax planners who consistently strive to make you smile come tax time.

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We Are an Elite Team of Professional Tax Planners

Finally, tax planning gurus who take customer service to a new level

Optimize Deductions

We'll help you leverage the best deductions for your business. We'll work to reduce costs for past, current, and future years.

Utilize Tax Credits

If you want to ensure you have used all the possible tax credits you qualify for, you need to understand the rules and qualifications.

Income Timing

Did you know that shifting the timing of your income can potentially help you get tax relief? Let us help you lower overall taxes.

Expenditure Planning

Get help better managing your money. We track your income or revenue, and help you make decisions on how to use and save it!

Entity Structure

Your business entity can set the tone for how much you pay in taxes. We can show you how to best structure your business.

Alignment of Business & Personal Finances

Get help aligning your finances with your overall business strategy. We help you to match your long-term growth plan by properly allocating your money.

We'll Create a Tax Strategy That's Tailored to Your Business

Since your industry is unique, you need a tax strategy that is tailored to your goals. That’s where we come in. We’ll develop a plan that truly speaks to your situation. Our ultimate mission is not only to reduce the taxes you owe in the current year, but future years as well. How do we do that? It’s a mix of experience and passion. We want you to make more and spend less; therefore, once we study your profit and loss statement, we’ll outline the steps you can take to maximize returns in the years to come. 

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