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Make Important Decisions That Elevate Your Business

If you’re going to make decisions that propel your business forward, you’ll need key data. Our experts will help you gain all the right insights into what’s happening, giving you what you’ll need to take your business to the top.

Our industry-specific knowledge will help guide you in your decision-making, so you always make the right choices and can focus on your core business.

When you choose DOAAR, you get an expert team on your side that always has your best interests at heart.

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Technology Stack

We Are an Elite Team of Professionals with Years of CFO Experience

Achieve your goals and overcome financial challanges.

Business Planning & Strategy

Rely on our team of experienced veterans to understand your industry and direct competition. We'll assess your needs and help design a system that works.


We can help you maximize your bottom line and ensure the money coming in and going out are accounted for. It's part of the overall essential strategy. ​

Financial Planning

Don't just make decisions on the fly. We'll take a deep dive into your past financials and make future predictions that will help you meet your business goals.

Forecasting / Modeling

We'll take what you're envisioning and get you the real details on how you can go from your present situation to the future you hoped for.​

Tax Planning

Navigate through complicated tax filings and standards with ease. Our team of experts will ensure you're always in compliance and have a tax plan in place.


We will manage your business capital and keep you up to speed with everything that's happening, so you're always operating at an optimal level.​

We'll Help You Plan a Future for Your Business

Our dedicated team of professionals and industry veterans will help your business to plan and grow. With business decisions more important than  ever, now’s the time to choose CFO services that will take the time to properly analyze and provide intelligent insights. One right move can lead to a lifetime of success. 

Outsourced CFO Services for Businesses of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re a small start-up business or a large corporation. Our team of experts is ready with the tools and knowledge necessary to propel your business to the next level. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member, we’ll give you all of the attention and care needed to plan, execute, and grow. In addition, we are not bound by any single industry, product, or service. We’ve helped businesses in all sorts of different verticals. Some examples include, but are certainly not limited to: restaurants, breweries, hospitality, e-commerce stores, brick & mortar retail stores, manufacturing businesses, medical practices, business services, professional services, home services, oil & gas exploration and development, technology innovators and personal accounting for individuals. We take great pride in helping businesses big and small realize their full potential.

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